The Huron City Radio Vocal Talent comes from the Blue Water Area of Michigan with a few guests thrown in.

Jake Buckley

Jake is responsible for a staggering 41 voices on Huron City Radio. Simply remarkable.

In the Midnite Hour he is Professor A. V. Moore, Edna, Anthony, Raymond, Chad, Phil, Dale, Jed, Ivan, Canadian Coastguard, Lucien, Seth Philips, Freighter Captain, Harry H Corset, Rocky Angel,  Simone De Lancy, Chuck Flame, Ben, Dad Eddie, Darrin, Bram Stroker, Gladys, Rufus Dave and Continuity Guy. He provides sponsor’s vocals for, ‘Burrow’s Home Grown Meats’, ‘Richard Thornberry’s Embalming and Mummification Services’,  ‘Randy’s Apple Orchard’, ‘Uncle Jack’s Coney Shack’, ‘Pat’s Pickled Pig’s Feet’,  and ‘O’Donalds’.

He also plays Aloysius, Eddie Spengler, Connor, Mr Pessary, Mr Rib-buster, Kid, Developer, and Todd, in Huron City Radio Drama Presents, and finally he appears as Sturgis and Albert Moody for Shore Leave.

Leah Gray

Leah was part of the very first recording session for Huron City Radio. She has been an invaluable performer in every project since.

For the Midnite Hour, Leah voices Carolyn, Rude Kid, Morgan, Stella Ramone, as well as the sponsor ‘Miss Amanda’s Roadkill Fashions’. In Huron City Radio Drama Presents she plays Ashley Fitzpatrick, Tabitha Chocolate and Amy #2, while also making an appearance as Hillary Capillary in Shore Leave.

Leah also features in our next big show, Mission to the Grey Hole, as Thomasina Leif.

Anson Pavlov

Anson’s voice was the first recorded for Huron City Radio and his vocal work has been just as important as his contributions behind the scenes.

In the Midnite Hour he has played Evan, Alfonso Oiseau and Mickey as well as the sponsor, ‘The Huron City Museum of Wind’. For Huron City Radio Drama Presents he provides voices for David Fitzpatrick, Archie Fruber, and Fred Smilegladly. He also plays Graham in Episode 4 of Shore Leave.

Rachel Kearney

Rachel joined us at Episode 2 of the Midnite Hour and has been an ever present talent throughout the Huron City Radio world since.

In the Midnite Hour she provides the voices of Julie, Rude Kid, Sandra, Roseanna, Crystal, plus the sponsor ‘Maddie’s Matted Mattresses’. In Huron City Radio Drama Presents she plays Amy # 1 and Emma while making an appearance in Shore Leave as Melanie Lemony.

Rachel will also be heard as Lulu-Peaches in the upcoming Mission to the Grey Hole.

Emilee Caughel

Emilee was part of the first ever Midnite Hour recording session and has been in each episode as the near iconic underwater weather reporter, Wendy Abalone.

She has played Lucinda and Miranda Marimba, Eloise, Samantha, Laura,  Claudia in the Midnite Hour as well as the sponsor, ‘Lighthouse Charter School’. In Huron City Radio Drama Presents she has been Grace, Abbey Bobbajobski, Mom, Kid, Developer, and Kate.

Marty Garavaglia

Marty performs the solo role of Uncle Walter in the award winning show, Uncle Walter’s Year of Wonder.

The show won Outstanding Drama Podcast at the New Jersey Webfest and Marty also received a nomination for Best Performance in a Lead Role.

Marty Snarski

In the Midnite Hour, Marty has played Peter, Maths Magician Moriarty and Carol #2. In Huron City Radio Drama Presents he voices Henry, and he appears in each Shore Leave episode as the frustrated Floor Manager.

Marty also has a lead role as Chief Administrator Quin Tett in our upcoming Dramedy, Mission to the Grey Hole.