Uncle Walter’s Year of Wonder-March

Near Lake Huron, in the Grey Water Area, Uncle Water recalls growing up in the 70’s, before computers, before unsocial media, and before people forgot what was important. 

March, a time of hard ground and the promise of spring, of a thawing landscape and new growth beneath the surface. And as far as nine year Walter is concerned, isn’t this what spring is like the whole world over?

But his Father brings home a book about spring in the South of France, and a time when his Dad went ashore when coming home from overseas. His Dad’s excitement and nostalgia infect Walter so much, he wants his Dad to see the colors of France again.

Though why is his mother so against it, so opposed to Walter’s wishes? And anyway, where would Walter get flowers this time of year, near Huron City?

But Walter doesn’t give up, and not even he could have known about the consequences of his actions, or maybe he could.

Listen as Uncle Walter tells a March tale that changed his life. Featuring Marty Garavaglia as Uncle Walter.