Episodic and one off Dramas from Huron City Radio

Dramas were part of the original Midnite Hour, taking up the middle half an hour. The idea had been to present an hour of variety, with music, comedy and drama, all hosted from the little grey ship in lower lake huron.

Raccoon Man was the first drama. A four part crime mystery with a touch of the supernatural set in Huron City.

This was followed by The Last Train, a haunting one act drama about loss and the remains of relationships.

Blood Diner is a two part comedy drama about a young reporter looking for a big story and uncovering vampiric goings on in downtown Huron City.

Finally, for the time being at least, The Stowaway, a creepy little tale that shows the importance of knowing who, or what, is traveling with you, especially when you are out on the lake.

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