Episodes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

A keen stone thrower, Jake is set to realize a childhood dream of breaking a church window in every state, with only Nebraska and Delaware left on his list. In his spare time, Jake loves to read anything, providing it is written using the Franklin Gothic Font.

Jake is the Co-Writer for Tom Bobbajobski within The Midnite Hour

Voice Talent

Episode 1- Burrow’s Homegrown Meats, Edna, Anthony, Raymond, Professor A. V. Moore

Episode 2- Chad, Phil, Dale, Professor A. V. Moore

Episode 3- Thornberry’s Mummification & Embalming Services, Raymond

Episode 4- Jed, Ivan

Episode 5- Randy’s Apple Orchard, Lucien-Lord of Ancient Darkness, Professor Seth Phillips

Episode 6- Uncle Jack’s Coney Shack, Reverend Harry H. Corsett, Rocky Angel, Professor A. V. Moore, Blood Diner-Eddie Spangler

Episode 7- Ivan, Raymond, Blood Diner-Eddie Spangler

Episode 8- Simone De Lancy, Chuck Flame, Raymond