Huron City Radio Origins

With the pandemic halting live performing, I turned my interest in writing to creating Huron City Radio. I was inspired by Enter Stage Right’s determination to bring live performances to their audience via Zoom shows .

I was lucky that all these wonderful people from the ‘Grey’ Water Area joined in with their time and talent.

These shows are down to their willingness to attempt something none of us had tried before. My deepest thanks to everyone involved who has helped make Huron City a real thing.

Parallel Studios

Parallel Studios simply refers to how the performers line up in boxes when we are recording via video conference.

All of our shows are recorded in the safety of people’s houses then edited together before being let out into the world.

It has been a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone wanting to create and perform in these socially distanced times.

Thanks for coming to Huron City Radio- I hope you enjoy our shows.


Daniel Williams

Born on a clifftop, Daniel was raised by rogue seagulls until the age of 9, when he stumbled upon a book and left the nest forever. His coastal upbringing didn’t leave him altogether and he can be seen wandering the promenades of the globe, grabbing fish and chips from unsuspecting holiday makers.

He is responsible for creating, writing and editing the programs on Huron City Radio. He is indebted to all the co-creators who have helped with writing and developing shows, and of course, all the wonderful voice talent on display.

Daniel Williams Writer Website

Anson Pavlov

Once a keen astronaut, Anson is now found with his head deep in a barrel as Huron City’s new Chief Barrel Scraper, a position Anson manages alongside his role of coaching the Young Shoplifters of The Grey Water Area.

Anson has provided the vital tech advice and support to get us running. His enthusiasm and positivity for the project before even a line was written or recorded has been the difference between HCR existing or not.

Not only did he provide the music, sound and editing for Blood Diner, he was instrumental in providing advice and technical production to get our first show, Raccoon Man, out into the world. He is also responsible for all the graphic design for HRC and our podcast covers.

Anson’s voice talent can be heard as the lead role of Archie Fruber in Blood Diner, and David Fitzpatrick in Raccoon Man, as well Evan and Alfonso Oiseau in The Midnite Hour, and the official voice of The Huron City Museum of Wind.

Anson was born and raised in St. Clair, Michigan and has always loved creative work. He considers himself very lucky to have found the perfect project to lend his video, audio, and graphic design skills to.

Jake Buckley

A keen stone thrower, Jake is set to realize a childhood dream of breaking a church window in every state, with only Nebraska and Delaware left on his list. In his spare time, Jake loves to read anything, providing it is written using the Franklin Gothic Font.

Jake has been a co-writer and developer on The Midnite Hour. His relish to jump into the Huron City Radio universe at first asking helped give us momentum to get the shows completed.

Jakes vocal talents currently stands at 24 25 characters and counting. In The Midnite Hour he plays- Raymond, Edna, Lucien, Ivan, Chuck Flame, Professor A.V. Moore, Rocky Angel to name less than half. He also provides the voices for some of our sponsors, such as Burrow’s Homegrown Meats and Uncle Jack’s Coney Shack, and too many more to list! He can also be found as Aloysius in The Stowaway, and Strugis in Shore Leave.

The Contributor’s page is being updated but you can still visit here.


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