May-Jay: Ejecta

We are pleased to announce our Cast and Production list for our new project, an 8 Episode Sci-Fi Drama-Comedy, May-Jay: Ejecta.


Aisha Kandisha –  Kal O’Neil

Marty Snarski  – Quin Tett

Sara Prapotnik – Earth Ambassador, Megah Dunt

Gonzo Gonzalez – Commander of Huron City, Alvis Brynn

Tom Bobbajobski – T.O.M.-B, May-Jay’s computer

Rob Schweihofer – Dr Stevv

Leah Gray – Thomasina Leif

Rachel Kearney – Lulu Peaches

Stewart Reed – Goosen, plus Ensemble

Andy St Coeur – Cosmic Coalition Premiere Derrn, plus Ensemble

Christian Neumann – Rick B’Rose, plus Ensemble

Owen McIntyre – Benny Hoover, plus Ensemble

Susan Mabry   –  Shirley Twanky, plus Ensemble

Tom Emmott  – Clint Aberwacker, plus Ensemble

John Lusk – Earth Alliance PM, plus Ensemble  

Sound and Music

Haberdasher Studios

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